Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in Rhapsodies Linkshell.

We are currently accepting applications for veterans in the following jobs:

PLD - Aegis/Ochain as well as current end-game gear required.
GEO - Dunna. Capped skills preferred. Magic accuracy and nuke builds required.
RNG - Relic and/or Phaosphaelia (Augmented) preferred. Ranged accuracy build of 1100 or higher. Snapshot build. Jishnu's Radiance.
BST - Pet accuracy of 1200 or higher (not counting food and buffs), -DT build, 10 second Ready recast build.
SMN - Avatar accuracy of 1000 or higher (not counting food and buffs), Blood Pact build and capped summoning magic skill preferred.
SCH - Stun and nuke builds required. Advanced knowledge of the job as well as experience performing self skillchains is also essential.
BRD - 3 Song with Gjallarhorn and Daurdabla required along with a fairly robust magic accuracy build.

Additionally, all players should have sufficient progress with Job Points/Gifts in with their respective career jobs. Mythic holders may get selection preference.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.